Special Summer Session

The Barn is offering a special week of live, online summer programming that will be delivered via Zoom! August 3rd – August 7th.

Special Summer Session Details:

  • Limited to 16 children to allow for maximum interaction. 
  • Will run August 3rd – 7th, from 10am – 11am each day.
  • Participating children will be able to see, hear, and interact with each other as well as with facilitators like Mr. Chris and Miss Annie as well as other special guests.
  • The week will consist of one daily hour-long session that will be broken up into a variety of activities including gross motor games, fine motor activities, connecting with The Barn’s animals, and more!

Cost for Special Summer Session is $50 per child.

Please click here to register. Spots are limited!

Prior to the start of this special week, registrants will be invited to drive to The Barn to pick up a personal supply box containing everything needed to fully engage in the week’s activities, such as the ingredients for summer snow and other craft projects; scarves to wave during dance parties; and shaker eggs or rhythm sticks for music therapy and singalongs.

Please reach out to [email protected] for any questions.

Upon registering, payment can be made via Paypal, cash, or check.

*Financial assistance will be available to those with need who wish to participate.


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