“I cannot put into words what horses do for my daughter, unless you see the actual process. She is calmer, her breathing is regulated, she smiles nonstop, she is channeled, she is better at regulating her emotions, and she is able to be redirected to a task without meltdowns. She has no fears of separation from her parents and is actually proud to be on her own…”   


Volunteering at the Barn has been an amazing experience. It gives me a real opportunity to contribute my time to the worthwhile cause of helping animals and becoming aware of their needs.

It is the very first place that Micah felt accepted and loved away from our home. He learned to talk to the people there and had his very first friendship there with Dusty the bunny.

We are simply overjoyed with her progress and are extremely thankful to Spring Brook Farm for providing programs that provide developmental opportunities that are so much fun and educational for our daughter.