Family Barn Visits

The Barn is thrilled to be offering Family Barn Visits. These interactive visits are geared to engage new families with the beauty of nature, fabulous farm animals, and the calming environment that The Barn at Spring Brook Farm has to offer. After quarantine, online schooling, and the stressors of life, it felt imperative to create a family experience that maintains safe precautions, while being an enjoyable and calming outing for the entire family.

The Barn visits are individually geared towards families new to our program. Possible activities include: caring for The Barn’s animals (walking, feeding, and grooming the animals), guided meditations, animal yoga, sensory activities, art with natural objects, gardening, scavenger hunts, and more. The fee for a family barn visit is $35. 

  • Please note: Certain areas of The Barn may be off-limits in order to keep the facility clean and reduce the spread of illness.

This hour-long experience is available for 1 family per time slot. This visit is only for immediate family living in the same household.  Your child must be accompanied by at least one adult residing in the child’s household and that adult must accompany and supervise the child for the entire time while at The Barn, as well as supervise any siblings/other children in the household that participate. As your visit approaches, you’ll be notified of The Barn’s protocol for COVID-19, to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit.

To schedule a Family Barn Visit, please reach out to Raichel at [email protected] for more information.